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Clek 2014 car seats tailored in Crypton Super Fabrics are officially free of bromine and chlorine-based flame retardants as per

Toronto, ON, February 24, 2014 – Clek, the award-winning child passenger safety seat manufacturer, is the first of its industry to announce its 2014 model year products tailored in Crypton Super Fabrics are free of bromine and chlorine-based flame retardants, while still meeting the federally-required automotive fire-safety standards.

“Clek has taken an important first step on the journey to healthier products with its 2014 product line,” says Jeff Gearhart, Research Director at, a non-profit environmental organization which leads research and development for the Ecology Center based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Clek and collaborated last year to conduct comprehensive testing of its products, testing hundreds of samples on both complete car seats and component materials for chemicals of concern.

Car seats are required to meet the most stringent automotive fire-safety standards and must use flame retardants. “As part of Clek’s ongoing commitment to continuously improve its environmental profile, we are sourcing materials that use non-halogenated flame retardants or alternative materials that comply with safety standards,” explains Chris Lumley, President of Clek.

A leader in product innovation, all of Clek’s booster seats ranked as ‘best picks for boosters’ in’s study published in 2011. The new and improved 2014 models are now available for the Foonf convertible car seat and the Oobr booster.

Being at the forefront of environmental and health safety for child passenger seat manufacturers, Clek uses Crypton GREENGUARD Select Certified fabrics, offers recycling of all of its products and has now taken steps to ensure that all models are free of bromine and chlorine flame retardant chemicals.

“As we continue to research and learn more about additional chemicals of concern, we look forward to working with Clek in finding safer alternatives.” states Jeff Gearhart.




About Clek

Clek, based in Toronto, Canada, provides modern safety products for today’s families on the go. Utilizing contemporary styling cues and advanced engineering techniques, Clek products excel in both form and function. With simple innovative solutions, Clek products are designed to make life easier without sacrificing style or safety. Clek’s Foonf is a 2012 winner of the JPMA Innovation Award. Clek® and Foonf® are registered trademarks of Clek Inc. Crypton® is a registered trademark of Crypton, LLC. tokidoki® is a registered trademark of Simone Legno. Clek 2014 products using Crypton super Fabrics are free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants. Clek seats are recyclable through Clek’s recycling program.