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Clek introduces a 100% Merino Wool option, the first and only naturally fire-retardant fabric in both the convertible and booster seat categories.

Toronto, ON, March 19, 2018 –


Clek, the award-winning child car seat manufacturer, is once again leading the child car seat class by launching Mammoth, a first-of-its-kind fabric that is naturally flame resistant. Made of 100% Australian Merino wool, the fabric has no added flame retardant.

“Providing families with the best protection is our primary goal,” says Chris Lumley, President and Founder of the family-run company. “It isn’t just about offering best-in-class safety features. It’s about doing everything we can to ensure the wellbeing of the children who are buckled into our seats. That’s why we’ve introduced a naturally inflammable fabric option to our product lineup.”

Environmental stewardship and sustainability have always been a part of Clek’s company values. “Parents count on us to do the right thing for their kids. And that includes protecting the planet they’ll inherit.” Clek designers choose product materials with both safety and the environment top of mind. Their current convertible child car seat product lineup contains no chlorinated or brominated flame retardants.
The company is also the only car seat manufacturer to offer a recycling program. The program launched in September 2013.

The new fabric is made from ethically sourced, 100% non-museled wool. It will be available on the 2018 Foonf ($649.99 CAN, $499.99 US), Fllo ($499.99, $399.99 US) and Oobr ($379.99 CAN, $349.99 US) models and the infant seat expected to launch this summer, as well as the infant-thingy accessory. It is offered in one colour, a charcoal grey named Mammoth. Additional benefits of the luxuriously soft fabric include: naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, odour resistant and body-temperature regulating.


Mammoth is available for pre-orders at participating retailers and or

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