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Introducing Clek Liingo Baseless Infant Car Seat

 Toronto, Canada, March 2020

Award-winning child car seat manufacturer, Clek Inc., will introduce Liingo, North America’s first baseless infant car seat, to offer a practical and cost-effective solution for families who do not benefit from traditional car seat bases.

Observing the growing trend of families in metropolitan communities who do not own a car or only use intermittently, in addition to the increase in ride sharing, Clek realized that the convenience factor of a car seat base only benefited a percentage of consumers.

“Since our inception ten years ago, our objective has always been to design the best-in-class car seat in each category, while offering the most comprehensive safety features”, says Chris Lumley, President and Founder of the family-owned and operated company. “Many families choose not to own a car and therefore don’t benefit from the convenience of an infant seat base, which led to the creation of Liingo. This baseless option reduces the overall cost for families while still offering Clek’s best-in-class safety and design features”.

When the Clek Liing infant seat was launched in April 2019, much of the innovation was designed into the base to provide best-in-class safety performance and ease of installation (with either seat belt or LATCH). Liingo continues that tradition and delivers similar industry-leading crash test results when installed using the European belt path (vehicle seat belt wraps around the back of the carrier). When installing an infant seat without the base, the European belt path allows for a more secure installation than the traditional American belt path, and decreases the crash forces on a baby’s head and neck. Industry expert Alisa Baer, M.D. and co-founder of The Car Seat Lady echoes, “In our experience installing thousands of car seats, a carrier without the base will install securely in almost any car in any country using the European belt path”.

Liingo will be manufactured in Canada and available for purchase in May 2020, starting at an introductory price of $199.99 in the US and $279.99 in Canada at participating retailers and or .ca

About Clek

Clek is a proud Canadian brand of award-winning child passenger safety seats that combine safety with ease-of-use and modern style. Born out of the world’s largest, most diversified automotive supplier, Clek offers the superior design, engineering best practices, world-class manufacturing, and craftsmanship found in luxury automotive seating today. Clek produces a series of innovative child passenger safety seat products and accessories. or

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